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Your product or service has a unique story.  That story is what makes you special and is the reason people will buy from you.  Let's get it out there for the world to see.

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Voice Over & Audio Production

Yes, sound quality is important.  We all know that even if our video quality is top notch, if your audio quality is poor the user will not forgive it.

Your videos, TV, and radio commercials must have audio that pop.  Even the audio in your apps, audiobooks, E-Learning, AR, and VR projects have to engage the user in the story you are trying to tell.

What we do is ensure that the audio your end user experiences keeps them engaged and tells your story in the best possible way.

Our audio editing, processing, and mastering technology delivers the result you need and helps to create the image you need it to.

Full production for your audio with a great listening experience is what we deliver.


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Video/Commercial Production

We live in a digital age.  Capturing the attention of our ideal clients and customers has become laser focused.

Thanks to social media platforms like FaceBook and Instagram, you know have the ability to reach your potential clients and customers right where they live.

Even though there are times when TV and radio ads can work, our expertise and knowledge of the digital ecosystem reveals you have a much better chance spending your advertising dollars on digital platforms.

Through mediums such as FaceBook Ads, you can reach the exact types of people that actually want what you are offering.

The ability to market to ONLY people interested in YOU is a development that must be taken full advantage of.

Think about it.

Even though you can reach 100k people on a radio ad or TV ad, how many of them are even in your target market?

What we do is help you develop an ad that speaks directly to who you want to reach...them and only them.


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Productions created by Earl Hall Studio LLC are guaranteed to be to your satisfaction.

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