How To Make Book Trailers

There are several ways to market your book.  But if you do not have a visual 1-minute book trailer that tells the story of your book it may never sell the way you want it to.

Sure you have your book on Amazon but that is just words.  You are missing out on an entire sector of people that want to engage with a powerful video.  

Just look at the power of a movie trailer that tells the entire story of the movie in 60 seconds.  They do this to entice people to go and see the film right?

You as an author have an advantage over that.  Your 60-second book trailer can link right to your book on Amazon and they can buy it with just one click.

You are looking to make more book sales and the way to really do that is by either creating your own book trailer that will get people to buy your book or you can get one professionally done.

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