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How To Get More Views and Followers on Youtube

how to get followers on youtube how to get more views and followers on youtube how to grow your youtube channel Jun 06, 2023

Today I want to talk to you about how to actually get more followers and views, and we're gonna talk about how you can specifically do this on something like a YouTube channel. YouTube is one of those things that I think every entrepreneur, every small business owner needs to actually look into in the age that we're living in right now.

Video is king content. And producing video content is king. We always say content is king, which is the thing that you're talking about. That's the content, but how you're distributing the content. The best way to do that is actually through having something like a YouTube channel. Now, I know many people have.

Facebook pages and personal Facebook pages that they're doing live streams on, they're posting videos to, and that's great, but let me tell you the reason why I suggest YouTube so heavily and highly to the clients that I work with to help them to get more attention and grow their audiences.

The reason that I suggest YouTube is because YouTube is the only, what I call intent-based platform. It is a platform that you actually go to. To find things and it doesn't disappear. You look for something, YouTube serves that up to you. It's unlike any social media platform. When you do something like on Facebook or even on Instagram or Twitter, those things get lost in your feed.

Now, your YouTube channel is different. Yes, you're going to have people subscribing to your YouTube channel, but most of the people in many cases here, When you do this the correct way, most of the people that watch your YouTube videos aren't actually gonna be people that are subscribed to your channel.

It's something like maybe 30 to 40, maybe even 50% of the people that watch your YouTube videos. If you do it the way I'm about to show you are not subscribed to your channel. So you always want to be encouraging people definitely to subscribe to your YouTube channel. But only the rest of them are actually not subscribed, right?

So you want to do things in a way that is going to allow people to find you because videos that you do today are still going to be searchable 10 years from now, 20 years from now. It's not like that. On the other platform is an intent-based platform, which YouTube is. Allows people to find the things that they're interested in, and that's why they're going to YouTube.

Also, here's another reason why YouTube is set up the way that it's set up. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. But it's owned by the first largest search engine in the world. The number one, the big daddy of the mall, Google. Google owns YouTube. That's why YouTube is such a powerful place to be able to go to.

Now, one of the things that people do, and this is wrong, so I'm about to give you the wrong thing, and I'm gonna tell you the right way to do this. One of the things that people do, On YouTube is they try and come up with slick titles. They try and come up with something they think is catchy. It doesn't matter.

YouTube titling is based on search engine optimization, but it's even more than that. It's Google optimized for what people are actually searching for. And the thing about Google and the thing about YouTube is they literally tell you what people are searching for as you're searching. Let me give you an example.

And then I can explain this a lot better. So let me share my screen here. All right, so I have an incognito window pulled up of YouTube. Now let's just say we want to look up something. I'll just pick a random topic, like cooking. Let's say you have, a cooking show or instructional podcast that you do showing people how to cook.

Now you can use your own industry. To do this research, and I definitely suggest that you do this research. So here we go. Now, let's say we want to look up and this is what people will look up. Now, what I want you to notice, all I typed in so far was the word how, because many YouTube searches start off this way because people are looking for something how to, we'll just keep typing and you'll see YouTube filling in things already. Now, the key thing about this is not random as you're typing in your how-to statement, on YouTube, and you can do the same thing on Google. YouTube is giving you what people have already typed in to search for. It's giving you what people are asking for already.

Now, if you didn't know that, I hope you understand how huge this is, how big of a deal this is, that it works this way. So how to still fill in and let's start typing in the word just each letter you'll see. Google is, YouTube is just giving this to you how to. All right, we're at Cook, right? How to cook rice, how to cook steak, how to cook salmon.

All of these things are already coming up, and these are things that people have searched for. Now the big reason, let's just go to how to cook chicken breast. Now you can get even more fancy than that, right? But let's just look up how to cook chicken breast. Now the thing about this is, and I'm gonna actually, let's go over, I'm gonna copy this and I'm gonna sign in because I wanna show you a couple of things here.

So I'm gonna sign in to my own YouTube account. And cuz this is an incog needle window,

we'll keep the incog needle window. Let's keep it going here. So now we have how to cook chicken breast. Now you can say how to cook if I start typing in the word. Fried. I haven't even, sorry, how to cook. Fried chicken breast, right? So we might want to get a little bit more detailed on how to cook fried chicken breast.

Now I want you to think about what this actually means for your industry. Now, I'm gonna keep this one here and we're gonna go back and what I want to do is just open up another browser, and now I'm signed into this. And I'm just gonna paste how to cook chicken breasts. Now I'll tell you why I signed in just a moment because I want the details on this.

Now I use two different services. One is called TubeBuddy and one is called Vid iq. I'm gonna put links in the description and I'll be doing videos on that as well. So with this, you're seeing all the things come up about how to cook fried chicken breasts. Now think about your own service that you provide.

But here's what I want you to key in on. How many times people have viewed this or typed this in that, this particular search term, and you look right over here, how to cook fried chicken breast? That means 12 million people have looked this search term up. Do you think you can get some views on that? Yes, you can.

Average views. 2,493,737 views average subscribers. This is the type of research that you can start doing for the thing it is that you do. Now, the reason that I went for this is literally a search term, how to cook fried chicken breast. The reason I said earlier, you don't want to make this fancy.

You don't want to come up with titles. You want to use the titles that people are already using for themselves. So with this one term, now think about your industry and the services that you provide. What are your how-to services? This is how you're going to title your videos because if how to cook Fried chicken breast is getting this many views from a search term.

Right, and that's the, you can do this on research for your own industry, but what I want to key in on with all of this, and I want you to make sure you firmly understand. Look, you do not have to get cute when it comes to coming up with titles for your YouTube videos. What is the YouTube video for?

Who is the audience and what are you going to be talking about? Now you look for terms like how to, when there are other terms to look for, and these are the types of things that we talk about with our clients here at Earl Hall Studio when they're looking to grow their audience, when they're looking to grow their impact and when they're looking to actually make a difference.

Because it's one thing to have a good product or service. It's one thing to have a good podcast or a show or whatever, but if no one's looking for it, If no one's looking for what you're doing or you're not tiling your videos in a way that people can actually look for them at random, they don't have to be followers.

They just have to be interested in what you're doing, and then that's how you're going to gain the followers that you can actually get. This is big on this particular video in this podcast, however, it is that you're watching or consuming this, leave me a comment below. What is your industry and give me some of the how-to terms that you feel like you can use to actually gain more followers.

Gain more views, actually gain more business, because this is our currency now and the year that we're in, the age that we're in social media, and how we choose to consume content. This is how you need to do it. This is going to make a huge difference with what it is that you're able to do. Now, I just did a whole video on how you can actually use YouTube to get more views.

So let's do some research on what I should title this video. And that's probably what I'll title it, right? So how to get. Look, it's already coming up on how to get more views on YouTube. It's already there, right? So we're seeing this already, and if I go down and I look at the statistics on this search term, we're going to be able to see, look, here's a search term, 4,652,276 searches for this.

Average views from those searches. 374,359. So guess what? I'm going to call this portion of this. Guess what? I'm gonna label this. I'm gonna label it how to get more views on YouTube