Creating Amazing Voice Overs for eLearning Projects

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2018

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Stick with me a bit because I have a few questions as well as advice. Today if you have a USB microphone, a sound card, and decent DAW (digital audio workstation i.e. audacity) many creators of eLearning projects can do more in-house.

There are a few tricks to getting much cleaner audio from less than pro gear. Now I always suggest using the best equipment you can to create a great professional voice over.

Now that is the list for being on the A-team :-)

The goal of this post is to reveal to you how you can do more in-house if you choose to.

The most important element of producing great audio is your recording environment.  You want to be in the smallest room possible.  Even a closet will work.

You have to make sure that you cover all hard surfaces.  You can do this clothes hanging in the closet or by hanging something as simple as comforters or moving blankets in the space.

Of course, the acoustical foam you can get on Amazon will work too.

The important thing here is that you have no hard surfaces for your voice to bounce off of.

When you have that space done so that there is no echo in that room you are ready to record.  Using one of the latest USB mics at about $150 price point will produce great sound for you.

At times it may be a chore to find a voice actor.  My question is this.

How do you normally go about hiring voice actors?

Do you do your own voice over in-house?


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