There is a reason your freelance work fluctuates

Many voice actors and other freelancers struggle with ebbs and flows of the amount of voice-over work they get.

The fact is that the fluctuations are normal.  Being in a service industry means that you have a B2B business.  Unless you have a business that is a real commodity (people have to use it every day like toilet paper) then there are going to feast times and famine times.

This means you have to learn to deal with each time.

Depending on when you started your business and how long you have tried to stay in business, you have seen both of these times.

One of the things that cause freelancers trouble is that they are not very business savvy.  Freelancers are normally technicians.  This simply means you know how to do what you do (i.e. photographer, web developer, voice over, etc.)

What needs to happen is that a freelancer becomes an amazing business person and expert marketer.

Back in the early 90's, there was this movie called Only the Strong.  It was a movie that introduced the martial art of Capoeira.  One of the lines in that movie was, "can't Ginga can't fight".

Let me be very clear about marketing and sales.  Can't Market, Can't build a business!

Many people don't realize that between about October to about February is the dry season for B2B.  It is simply harder to sell because businesses are protecting their budgets.  Not to mention all the major holidays are taking executives minds away from work.

Between February and August are the times where you need to push and push hard at marketing.

Understand, that marketing is not selling.  Marketing is all about showing your expertise in ways that people want to see it.

Every freelancer should have a platform that they utilize to showcase their expertise.  Mine is Youtube.  Youtube offers me the ability to show what I know about VO (nice rhyme eh :-))

What you need to discover is a platform that will help you do the same and draw in your audience of people that may ultimately buy from you.

Are you a good blogger, a good podcaster, a good person on video.  Whatever your strength is, that is what you should do.

Remeber, this is not sales.  It is simply marketing.  This means there is no need to sell something in every post. 

That is a turn-off and people can tell when they are being sold, instead of being informed.

Once you understand the best times and worst times to market (now you do) go out and get some more business.




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