You MUST Do This BEFORE You Start Your Coaching Business

There are tons of platforms, programs, courses, and blogs for being a coach.  Business coaching is a very lucrative business to start.  If you start it right.

One of the best platforms for creating a coaching and training business that I have found is Kajabi.  No this is not a blog on why you should use Kajabi.

The point of this blog is to share my amazing story of how I discovered the actual strategy for building a business coaching empire.

I run an audio production company.  We produce things like radio commercials, tv commercials, internet content for social media, etc.  I also have the only voice over coaching studio in Milwaukee WI where I train voice talent in the art of voice acting.

In November of 2017, I held my first webinar selling my coaching services.  To do this I used a combination of Kajabi and Webinar Jam to pull it off.  If you are going to be a coach, you must have a home base.  You may already be looking at a platform that you feel will work well for you.

I'm that concerned about the platform you use.  One of the things I am concerned about is your ability to pull this off and actually do the work required to make this happen for you.

My first webinar was about an hour long.  At the end of that hour, I had made north of $13K.  By the end of the next few days of replays, I had made close to $20K.  What I was selling was a coaching package to work directly with me on building a voice over career.

Did this have anything to do with the platform?  

Absolutely not!

Now $20K on a webinar may seem like a lot to some and nothing to others.  The fact is if you are reading this blog you probably want to know how I was able to do this.

It's funny.  We actually have coaching programs to teach you how to be a coach LOL.  Many of these different programs and platforms talk about the features and benefits of what they offer.

The promote how you feel and what you will be able to accomplish with their special private WIZYWIGS.  They give you examples of how others are successful using this great tool and amazing strategies.

Can we be honest here for a moment?

Most people trying to get into coaching are making no money.  They are struggling for clients.  Traveling to this convention or that seminar.  On a never-ending hampster wheel looking for the next client.


Because there is a big huge gaping hole in the approach.

Everyone talks about how to service the coaching clients you get, but is anyone really telling the truth about how to get clients?

Sorry to break this to you, but most coaches that coach other coaches on how to build a coaching business are simply relying on the fact that you don't know any better.

You see you are desperate and they know it.  They can't even get coaching clients, so they have made a revenue stream out of you.

Let's tack on to that that if you were worth your salt, you would have clients because you actually know how to build a business (sorry got a little rough there).

So what does this audio production voice-over guy know about how to get clients? 

What is the big secret?

In order to actually start a coaching business, you have to start way before picking a platform. 

The only way I was able to do what I did back in November in just an hour is this.

About a year before I did my webinar, I spent every day creating content for FREE.

I used:

  • YouTube
  • FaceBook
  • Instagram

YouTube is where my biggest fan base came from.  I gave away all of my best information every day.  I answered every question that came to me.   I even did free 15 minute skype calls with people to help them.

I created video content that explained my processes.   I gave away every tip, trick, and secret that I used to build my business.

Why did I do it for free?

Most of you would be terrified to give away your best content.  Here is why you need to change that mindset.

No one wants to do that level of work.  No one wants to work that hard.

You give away all your best to show that you actually know what you are talking about.  How the hell else will anyone know that you can coach them?!

Over the course of the year that I gave away all of my content for free, my tribe got bigger and bigger.  They talked about me.  They told others to join the tribe (subscribe to my YouTube Channel)

In order to have a successful coaching business you have to...

  • Have patience and build a loyal following for a least 6 months
  • Give away your best information
  • Look to help 'them' first without expectations for at least 6 months
  • Work harder than ever on creating content as much as possible.
  • Resist the temptation to monetize until you have truly proven yourself and given ungodly amounts of value

If you want to have a coaching business or any business for that matter this is what you have to do.  Build and continue to build a following based on putting the needs of each individual in your tribe ABOVE yours.

Put them first and always keep them first.  They will know if you actually care about them.  Trust me on this point.

Put them first and they will love you, support, and buy from you.

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