The Reason Pay2Play and Freelance Sites Work


Through all the complaining and through all the scandal these types of sites will continue to work.  Do you want to know why?

Because they are customer focused.

Sites like,, and Fiverr have a good lock on getting more and more customers because they are there to serve them. 

Not us.

What I mean is that these sites know exactly where their money is coming from.  They strive every day to make it an easy UI UX experience for their customers.

Think about it.  When a freelancer complains about any of these sites, it is because of how it is affecting them.  

Sweetheart, I am sorry to tell you that you are just a service provider trying to use these sites to get work.  You are the one that is looking for work. These sites have found a way to get customers. You need to do the same if you want to get off the teet of some of these sites.

We can all take a lesson from them though.  They not only have figured out how to get people to...

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