You MUST Do This BEFORE You Start Your Coaching Business

There are tons of platforms, programs, courses, and blogs for being a coach.  Business coaching is a very lucrative business to start.  If you start it right.

One of the best platforms for creating a coaching and training business that I have found is Kajabi.  No this is not a blog on why you should use Kajabi.

The point of this blog is to share my amazing story of how I discovered the actual strategy for building a business coaching empire.

I run an audio production company.  We produce things like radio commercials, tv commercials, internet content for social media, etc.  I also have the only voice over coaching studio in Milwaukee WI where I train voice talent in the art of voice acting.

In November of 2017, I held my first webinar selling my coaching services.  To do this I used a combination of Kajabi and Webinar Jam to pull it off.  If you are going to be a coach, you must have a home base.  You may already be looking at a platform that...

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