The 3 Things You MUST Have

To Get Clients:

  • A Microphone
  • A Camera
  • A Solution To A Problem

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Your business relies on people knowing who you are and what you can do for them


Well, how can your potential clients know any of that if they never see or hear you?

If you have ever purchased a course or hired a coach did you do that without extensive knowledge on them?

So how did you do that research?

Well, people that will hire you will probably do the same thing?

They will Google you!

If you have no clue then it may be why your business is not all it could be.

The Answer For YOUR Business Growth

If your potential customers Google you, what will they find?

Do you have

  • A YouTube Channel
  • A Instagram Profile
  • A TikTok Channel
  • A FaceBook Show
  • A Podcast

No? None of these?

So what will potential clients see when they Google you?

Even companies that have traditionally relied on paid ads are seeing that content creation is the answer now.

Your potential clients can witness your expertise and actually start building a relationship with you

There Is A Reason Creating Content Works

Your prospects get to see and hear YOU!

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CEO + Founder, The Sales Miracle, "World's Most Sought After Sales Coach", Everything is Sales.CEO + Founder

Earl is a genius. His heart, his communication, his purpose - are all unsurpassed. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to work with Earl. His drive will take you to the next level. He's a gem, and we are all lucky to have him in this lifetime with us. (You may think I say these things about everyone, and I don't. Earl is special, as I assume you are if you are moved to work with him, too.) Enjoy!


Artist, poet, author, radio and tv show host, social media influencer, and publicist.

Earl Hall has a no-nonsense style that is all about getting results. He's going to give it to you straight, help you identify your problem areas, double down on your strengths and do all he can to make you a better freelancer. Definitely someone who cares about the success of those he works with, and that's what sets him apart.