No More Relying on Lead Vendors.  We Show You Exactly How To Get Your OWN Life Insurance Leads!

How do I know how to do this?  Well I am a life & health agent licensed in 6 states (VA, GA, WI, IL, NC, SC).  I know exactly what it is to struggle with leads from multiple lead vendors (all of them say they have the best leads).  

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar

The biggest thing to master to build your agency is lead generation. Now, you can spend $2k+ a week buying leads or you can master lead generation yourself. 

It’s completely up to you. 

Buying leads a tried and true method to “just” getting leads but what are the real quality of those leads?

Say you spend $1000 for 40 leads (yep in today’s market that is what you will pay) and you do that twice a week for a total of 80 leads.
You may book appoints with 10-15. The rest of them won’t answer the phone, hang up on you, or you never reach them. 
Out of the 10 to 15 appointments you book almost half of those will not be home or flat out won’t answer the door. 
You may actually sit with about 6 of them and then if you are good you will close 3. 

Out of those 3, at least 1 one cancel the policy or let it lapse and now you have a charge back. 

So after spending $2000 for leads, hopefully you at least made your money back. 

Also, add in the fact that some weeks may be great! But what about the bad weeks. 

Add in to that all the time spent on the phone trying to track these people down and book appointments. How many hours is that?

My point is that many agencies running these Facebook ads (and marking them up 2-4 times the cost and selling the leads to you) are giving this industry a bad name because of some of the misleading copy in some of these ads. 

If you ever have the chance to see one, look at the comments from people that looking at these ads. There’s a pattern of distrust that you will see. 

In 2020 if you do not learn how to generate your own leads with a proven system that works and cost no where near $2k+ a week you are going to be a slave to lead vendors. 

Don’t you want to free?

This is not rocket science!