Audio Production

Yes, the sound quality is important.  We all know that even if our video quality is top notch if your audio quality is poor the user will not forgive it.

Your videos, TV, and radio commercials must have audio that pop.  Even the audio in your apps, audiobooks, E-Learning, AR, and VR projects have to engage the user in the story you are trying to tell.

What we do is ensure that the audio your end-user experiences keeps them engaged and tells your story in the best possible way.

Our audio editing, processing, and mastering technology delivers the result you need and helps to create the image you need it to.

Full production for your audio with a great listening experience is what we deliver.


Listen to "Earl Hall Studio Production Reel" on Spreaker.


We have the best original scriptwriters in the biz...


Conchita Congo

"I write original scripts tailored just for your voice, style, and genre."







Joe Laber here from Troy, OH (Dayton, OH metro market). I am so EXCITED and ready to work with you. Let's MAKE IT HAPPEN...NOW and BEYOND!

"I will copy write an EAR-CATCHING script tailored just for YOU!"





Our post-production team featuring Carlos Flood - Pro audio engineer and post-production specialist with over 20 years in the industry.

“I will add the magic of Hollywood-professional postproduction, mixing and mastering specialized for your demo.”





Your #1VOCoach and marketing guru - Earl Hall that will work with you on a one-on-one basis to get the best voiceover read for your productions...

"Never wait for permission from anyone to be GREAT!"





This team has worked on national campaigns, movie production, TV ads, Radio commercials, Government projects, as well as National Conferences.
We produce spots that bring your product or service to life. Our production and post-production team creates audio for your style and focus in the industry. We create audio spots that not only stand out, our commercials and promos inspire and tell a story.
Our post-production #GrindAndDontQuit Crew has worked on feature and independent films, music production and recording for international artists, national brands, radio imaging spots, tv commercials, and much more.


Listen to "Earl Hall Studio Production Reel" on Spreaker.



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