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When Your Prospects See And Hear You In A Compelling Way, They Will Take Action!

So, the products that I produce on a professional level for you, the business owner are Promo Videos and Voice Overs.

Promo videos are for your business to be able to share on social media, your website, in emails, or even as ads. These visual representations help to brand you, showcase your expertise, and build customer trust. The great thing is that also gets your prospects to take the action to become customers.

Voice Overs are for those that need to add a professional voice behind graphics or even videos that you produce. A professional voice-over from Earl Hall Studio can also be used for radio commercials, TV commercials, and ads on Social Media

Live Streaming Training is one of the foundations of building an audience. What I show entrepreneurs and business owners how to do is build an audience of people that crave to hear your knowledge and expertise. In this day and time content is king and people will crave your voice.

Podcasting is an amazing way to build your brand and authority. With some very simple but powerful pieces of gear I can show you how to an amazingly powerful audio or video podcast.

Examples of My Work

Price List

Voice over up to 60 seconds $197 (with music + $10)

Voice over 30 seconds $147 (with music + $10)

Promo videos 30 second $297

Promo Videos 60 second $325

Lower 3rds $97

5-10 sec intro videos for shows $197


Youtube $97

Facebook $97

LinkedIn $97

Twitter $97

Youtube Thumbnails $97

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